The motto of our school is

* Education is , The Manifestation Of The Perfection Already Exists The Man *

School is established in 2005 by the blossings of Smt. Bhimabai Sopanrao Upadhye, founder of the school.

For our institution intellectual development means increasing self-confidence, emotional development means increasing self-esteem and self-introspection, social development means increasing positive attitude and aesthetic view, spiritual potentials means understanding your own self and becoming a happy and strong adult.

Thus, our institution is a hub of multiple learning outcomes. We are a family where Students, Teachers and Parents work in harmony.

We reside in the hearts of people, abided to the institution, in the form of faith and confidence.

Our institution facilitates curricular and co-curricular programs for the scholastic and co-scholastic development of the students.

Our institution provides a condusive ambienceto our students for their fourfold development Students are motivated to channelize their potential in pursuit of excellence.

Our institute motivates the students to work on various projects and integrated curriculum.

We provide opportunities, demote role learning, make them goal oriented inquisitive and promote healthy competition and not rat race.

Our institute constantly probes to achieve new heights with the constant efforts of our dedicated teachers.

Our Distinction lies in the pursuit of high academic attainment through support, encouragement, praise and motivation.

We believe in empowering the students in global prospective.